Submissions Closed: SB31/Electr(on)ic Empathy (2013)

Submissions for this issue are currently being vetted. Check back soon for the release!

SB31: Electr(on)ic Empathy

Edited by Anna Veprinska and N. Alexander Armstrong.

This is the age of vibrations. We collect information and communication through wires. We meet face to face on a screen, and share our media peer-to-peer. Points of electricity accrue. In this age of the continuously “on,” how do we carve out a space for empathy? As a point of connection in which the self can experience an other’s emotional site, empathy exchanges the electrical for the human. The 31st issue of the SB Quarterly aims to interrogate the relationship between electricity and empathy through poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, film, and visual art. What is the sound of pain in the twenty-first century? Can compassion be conveyed through iPhones, playbooks, or the world wide web? How has the cutting-edge cut up the human? What happens when electricity fails? Is there an app for that?



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