Works in the Public Domain (2014 +)

Print: Text and Graphic
Ongoing, January 2014 +
with performances in Canada
and Europe.

The artwork accompanying an album of music is often integral to the listening experience -- it gives the listener a visual association that colours how the music is perceived. This is why music that is released digitally usually comes with an accompanying image attached to the files. In Works in the Public Domain, Karen Correia Da Silva and Curran Folkers explore how text and visual art influence listeners' perception of sound by creating a series of imaginary albums by imaginary bands and recording artists. These albums exist only as cover designs, liner notes, and track listings until taken up by a collaborating musician.

The performance element of the project (ongoing) entails real musicians interpreting what these imaginary bands might sound like from the text and images provided by Da Silva and Folkers. Performances will be free and public, and will take place in venues in both Canada and across Europe. More details to come!