Press + Peer Review

2013: Interview with SB's Director Karen Correia da Silva, "Artistic Kindness: Empathy, Ethics, and New Media," by Sarah Eagen published in New York based ArtFile Magazine.

2012: SB's Director speaks about the SB Collective to Alissa Keiko of Vancouver Co-op Radio's Storytelling Show. Listen to the podcast here.


2011: "From its opening statement, ‘This Book Is a Rhizome,’ to Adebe D.A.’s ‘Poemagogy,’ to John Unrau’s ‘New Age Muskie Considers a Change of Lifestyle,’ Gulch privileges the rhetoric of (and itself exists as an example of) that ever-regenerative genre, the manifesto. Indeed, there is an assaultive claim being made in the very layout of the book [...] but then the book, its texts and its layout included, is meant to be – must be – provocative to remain true to its intentions."
--- Andrew Dubois, "Letters in Canada: Poetry." University of Toronto Quarterly 80.2.

2010: "Steel Bananas champions the importance of art collectives to collaborate with independent artists and writers in the Toronto arts community."
--- Laura Schoberg, "MEdia: Episode Six of the Maker Culture Podcast Series." Interview in Rabble Magazine & The Tyee.

2010: "Want to use words like ‘post po-mo’  and discuss paradigmatic shifts in our cultural framework? Want to get crunk and listen to some sweet tunes? Want to get your dance on and watch some performance art? You can do it all with Steel Bananas."
--- Monica Heisy, "Interview with Karen Correia Da Silva of Steel Bananas on the Inaugural Artichoke Review Tonight at Bread and Circus." Interview in She Does the City.

SB's Director on the cover of Broken Pencil Magazine (Issue 42, 2009).

2010: "Karen Correia da Silva started Steel Bananas in mid 2008 with some friends and photographers and designers and has since taken the online zine to a variety of innovative precedents. In addition to monthly updates and a reading series, the zine produced (along with Tightrope Books) a literary anthology and is regularly hosting side projects and other eclectic online arts projects."
--- Nathaniel G. Moore, "A Perfect Day for Steel Bananas." Interview in Open Book Toronto. 

2010: "Steel Bananas art collective has come a long way since it first started handing out bananas at Canzine in late 2008. They’ve moved on to continually put out a monthly online issue, start a reading series, and to complete another feat with this book. With a zine-aesthetic, Gulch: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose successfully surprises by making a coherent collection out of 50-plus authored pieces. What an undertaking! This inventive book of fantasy fiction, concrete poetry, photo essays and short fiction is brimming with variety, and if you can get past its off-kilter design (which includes a sometimes-sideways and upside-down layout) you’ll be sure to find something worthwhile. Gulch plays with the idea of collaboration and does it well, with a buffet of new and exciting work from today’s up and coming talent.”
--- "Review of the Steel Bananas Art Collective's GULCH." Broken Pencil Magazine 47.

2009: “…the reliability of GULCH is the space it provides for new visions, new styles and new writers."
--- Samantha Sternberg,  "Flirting with form: Play or anger, fantasy or fact, concrete poetry,cell phone transcripts, love stories -- just a few themes that emerge from GULCH." Rabble Magazine.

 2009: "Steel Bananas practises what amounts to a sort of guerrilla academia, mingling heady with hip.”
--- Suzannah Showler, "This Shit is Steel Bananas." Interview in Torontoist.